Engraving with machine…..

Several years ago I was given a Dremel for Christmas. For those who don’t know wghat a Dremel is, it’s an electric hobby tool which has a number of attachments and can be used for grinding, polishing, engraving and even drilling (very small) holes. It came with an additional extra – an almost pen-like attachment that is driven by the main body of the Dremel and which because of its size, is a much more controllable tool. Naturally, I managed to break this part almost immediately: it never really worked, and I think this was down to my incompetence when joining the two parts together, but, in mitigation, also because the instructions were really inadequate – no writing, just some rather poor illustrations on a single sheet of paper. Anyway, recently, I spotted a much cheaper version (not a Dremel) on the Internet, and even better, because it came with the stand that holds the main part of the tool, and which is vital if you are going to use the pen-sized part for any length of time.  Now I have a working version, I have been able to experiment and have been engraving marks on small pieces of copper and aluminium – some with etching ground on them and some just bare metal. I have then etched and printed these ‘plates’ to see what the marks look like, and I find them quite exciting. Here is one of my experimental mark plates, printed in a range of colours.

And here is an enlargement of the black one so you can see what the marks look like close up.  I think that I am going to have a lot of fun with my engraving tool.